Labour Advice

Centralized Services has a department to advise at all times and resolve labour issues that arise daily in the business services.

Start saving even before the incorporation of the worker to your company, we will help you choosing the contracts that best suit the needs of the company and the different bonuses that can be applied under current legislation.


  • Preparation of payroll, contracts and extensions, social, high insurance, low, data changes, company registration. All for companies and employed persons, self-employed and special schemes.
  • Calculation of compensation and severances, disciplinary records, company certificates, certificates of withholding taxes, employment regulation…
  • Application, processing and management of grants and subsidies, bonuses, and labour and social loans.
  • Representation to the inspectorate of Labour and Social Security for enabling labour inspectorates and guestbook.
  • Advice on prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Records of Employment Regulation, termination, suspension or reduction of working hours.
  • File processing benefits such as retirement, widowhood, orphanhood, death, subsidy for family unemployment…
  • Processing of temporary disability, work, injury, illness or disability.
  • Specialized in hiring people with disabilities in special employment centers, and in the application of its grants and aids.