Legal advice

We provide information and advice on the proper interpretation, application and dissemination of legislation.

We serve the defence of their interests through the necessary steps in the appropriate public and private agencies and mediations, arbitrations and Negotiations with the opposite, and all kinds of legal proceedings. Complying with the established rules of quality and always under ethical principles, we offer expert legal advice in the following areas.

Civil and Commercial

  • Civil and commercial contracts.
  • Law societies.
  • Court claims.
  • Corporate conflicts.
  • Inheritance law.


  • Advice on labor inspections.
  • Advice on disciplinary procedures.
  • Hiring.
  • Court proceedings.
  • Formalities relating to employment regulation (layoffs, files).
  • Collective conflicts.


  • Financial claims.
  • Family businesses and successions.
  • Advice on tax inspections.


  • Administrative resources.
  • Contentious proceedings – Administrative.